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If you're going to do your own hair in the pandemic.

By now it seems we might need to be settled down for a while and if you are lucky, you have prepared for this by either embracing those sparkling greys or being blessed to not have them. (I honestly think greys are quite beautiful so don’t feel bad that you have to let your sparkles show) There are a few products I can recommend to get you through this weirdness and hopefully not feeling as if you want to pull a Brittney and shave your hair off entirely. More specifically our Eufora Conceal. This product can be applied to the regrowth area to cover those pesky greys, or even add a shadow root by going with a darker shade. You can purchase online with the code below to help support Arcane Hair Parlour, we receive 25% of the sale and we greatly appreciate the support!

I want to start off by highly encouraging you to avoid grabbing that box color or your scissors and resorting to cutting yourself, or even worse letting your significant other take a whack at it. (I am quite literally cringing at the idea of them hacking off a chunk of your gorgeous hair) in all honesty the best thing you can do is wait for your stylist. Believe me, I don’t like this any more than you do. I absolutely miss doing your hair.

All that being said, if you have resorted to home color or cuts, I am not going to make you feel bad about it. This is the one and only time you will get a pass from me. Hopefully it looks amazing, but if it doesn't I am here for you and am happy to work my magic. If you have not done it but are thinking about it, I totally understand that you need to feel beautiful and like yourself right now (PS you are stunning even with that regrowth) That is why I am going to give you a few tips to hopefully avoid costly color corrections when we are back to normal. That brings me to my first tip.

Be prepared that you might mess up your hair and make your hair way worse. Who knows, maybe your new bangs will look amazing and that color won’t look too bad, but it also might look terrible and take a long time or cost a lot of money to fix. Hopefully these few tips help you avoid that.

1.Avoid the box and opt for a Demi permanent that is the same shade as your base color and if it is not, its okay to be a bit darker.

-Demi will not fully cover grey, however it will not go lighter than your base color and give you hot roots. It has no lift which means it is less damaging and easier to fix if the color isn’t right. If you do feel you need to cover your grey 100% permanent will do that but make sure the color is not too light.

2. Don't change your color. Specifically going lighter or more vibrant

- If you have been coloring your hair already and you attempt to apply a lighter color over it, you will get hot roots and banding. Color does not lift color.

3. Do not pull the color all the way through the hair.

-You want to avoid overlapping so that you don't damage your hair or unintentionally alter your color

- If you are going from blonde to brown, don’t put ash brown over it. It will turn green. You need to fill it first with Yellow, orange, or red depending on how dark you are going. I do recommend waiting to make a full color change, you could try your hand at a shadow root if you cant stand the regrowth from an all over blonde.

4. If you are trimming your hair, less is more.

- always take less than you think you need, both in the amount of hair in your section and the amount you take off. you can always add more or take more off. There is no rush, we are stuck here after all.

5. Point cut by angling the scissors vertically towards the hair instead of horizontally

-Unless you want a very blunt bang, point cutting gives the hair a softer look and can prevent you from over doing it. Just be careful not to cut your fingers and go slowly, most of the time I have cut myself I am rushing and point cutting.

Last, take care of your hair. For some we are just as, if not more busy with this stay at home order as we were before. You might have work and kids to take care of at the same time. Both if you have succumbed to at home hair and if you haven't, we do have a bit more time to spend pampering ourselves. No one is seeing us but the folks we live with, so now is the time to have in home spa days.

Get the kiddos in on too it if necessary. Throw on your comfy clothes, apply a nice face mask, put in your favorite Eufora hair mask (Click here and use code EUFOR906 to purchase one if you don't already have it), kick your feet up and read a good book or watch something good on Netflix. For my Parks and Rec fans Treat Yo Self!

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