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Make the Most of Your Wedding Trial

Your hair and makeup is a very important part of your wedding day. This is coming from a hair and makeup artist, so yes, I am a little biased. At the end of the day, if you didn't have the pretty flowers or the delicious food, you would be left with you and your soon the be partner. If there was nothing left but you two making this beautiful commitment to each other, you two are the most important part. So coming from that perspective, you want to look your best!

A wedding trial is important for tons of reasons, the first being to get to know your hair and makeup artist. Each artist is going to have different strengths and perspectives so it is important that those match with your vision. It also allows them time to get to know your hair and skin to use the right products to achieve your dream look.

That brings me to the dream look. Do you have a picture of the hairstyle that looks absolutely stunning you have been wanting to try? That is what we do a trial for. This is the time to test out all those pinterest inspired updos and smokey eyes you have been saving! You will find that you may not like anything you try and it is totally fine because you tried them.

Now for the tips to have a great trial!

1) Set your trial for 2-3 months before the big day. You may be super excited to do it the day you get your dress or for some, the day you get engaged (It is super exciting, so I totally get it!) This gives you time to change any products or do any treatments that will give you the best skin and hair for your big day. If you do it to far in advance you hair grows which can cause the style to change a bit. Too much time can also lead you to get distracted by other styles and you may end up wanting another trial. You may also want to have a few pictures of things you absolutely don't want to express what you dislike.

2) Be prepared and have realistic expectations. Have 2-3 hair and makeup looks that you like to show your artist. These can look similar, or could look completely different from each other. They will then be able to discuss how to best achieve this look. Some styles may not work with your hair or skin type. If your hair is fine, you may need to add hair extensions to get the fuller look that you like. You will also want to have pictures of the dress and bring any accessories you are planning to wear (Veil, hair combs, necklaces, etc). You want your style to flow well with the dress. If you wear something form fitting and structured for example, you may not want to go with a boho braid and messy upstyle. If your dress is strapless and you wear a simple necklace you may want to leave some hair down to cover some of the bare skin.

2.5) Come with a clean face and wash your hair the day before. If you have curly hair, blow it out to smooth out unwanted curls and frizz, but DO NOT flat Iron. You will want to remove any left over mascara or eye liner. Do any waxing or services one week prior to the trial appointment. Hydrate your skin, drink plenty of water prior to your trial (and wedding day) and moisturize to get that beautiful bridal glow!

3) Bring a trusted friend and express to them what you are looking for. It helps to have a second opinion from someone who's advice you value. This may be your maid of honor, mom, or grandma, but you need someone who will be honest but sensitive. It is important to have someone who knows you and will tell you if something doesn't really work for you. You won't want to bring someone who has completely opposite taste. Sometimes you and Mom disagree on absolutely everything and she may talk you in to something you completely hate, so be careful of that as well.

4) Be open and honest. Tell your artist exactly what you like and don't like. You want to know that you gel well with them and if you are hating/loving the style it needs to be expressed. This is your wedding and you want your hair and makeup to be a reflection of that. You will want to be comfortable with them and work out all of the kinks before so that everything goes smoothly on the big day.

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