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What should you be doing 3-4 months before your wedding?

If you are finding yourself a little overwhelmed with what is important to do before your wedding, you are in the right place. As a previous bride and a professional hair and makeup artist I hope to alleviate some of that pre-wedding stress. Before we get into this post, you may want to read my previous post as it is part of a series. It is still important to follow the points for 5-6 even if you’re a bit past it

Fist I recommend booking your hair and makeup artists if you haven’t already. Often times we book up a year or more in advance and many work in salon as well, so it is very important to contact us early. Set up your hair and makeup trial with the stylist and artist you have chosen. This is the time where you should be trying out hair and makeup styles to see what fits best. A trial is super important because it takes away all of the worry about how you will look on your wedding day. You don't want to just wing it the day of. A professional stylist will be able to suggest styles that fit well with your wedding style and you. I always recommend bringing any hair accessories and veils you may want as well. This is the best way to get the overall picture. I also suggest you utilize this session to its full potential by setting it up for your engagement shoot, bridal shower, or any other event you have planned. Why not get some use out of how gorgeous you look!

See your esthetician and brow specialist. If you have planned any major treatments, this is the time to do them. You won’t want to do this too close to the wedding as it may be too harsh. Just as I said you want to find a good stylist, you want someone equally great with brows. I am a bit spoiled working in this industry, but when your skin and nails are involved, not only do you want someone who knows what they are doing, but you want someone who is scrupulously clean. This is where I give a shout out to my girl Jessica May. The first thing she has ever done for me was my brows, and the care that she puts into them astounds me! It was the first time someone mapped out my brows to show me where she would wax and what areas she suggested I grow out. It had always been a little scary when they whipped out the wax and went to town. She took so much more care for me and I greatly appreciated it! My brows weren’t bad before by any means, but now they look great! She explained to me (which I already knew, but sometimes as a client you forget) that your brows should always look like they fit your face. Meaning that your bone structure will determine your brow shape. This is totally in line with my philosophy with hair and makeup. I always feel it is best to look like your beautiful and unique self.

Be sure to keep on track with your other care and maintenance. If you are planning on whitening your teeth I would start now. I hope this has helped you on your bridal journey! If you would like more info on any of these subjects or you are looking for a hair and makeup artist for your big day, I would love to help you out! Here is a link to my bridal page where you can message me and subscribe to my monthly newsletter for more tips and info! Happy planning!

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