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What to do 1-2 months before your wedding.

If you are 1-2 months away from your wedding hopefully you are feeling prepared and excited for your big day! It is kind of a weird time because everything is mostly finalized and anything that isn’t you can’t really do anything about until you are a bit closer to the day. As a previous bride and a professional hair and makeup artist I hope to alleviate some of that pre-wedding stress. Before we get into this post, you may want to read my previous posts as it is part of a series. It is still important to follow the points for 5-6, and 3-4 even if you’re a bit past it some things may still apply.

First you should be finalizing all of the schedules. I am sure you are already on top of that, but it is important to confirm with all of your vendors the times they need to be there. From there you want to be sure to have all of you accessories and beauty products for the day of purchased. I always suggest having some of the makeup your artist used for touch ups especially lipstick. You will likely need to touch up after eating and it really helps when you have the same shade.

If you plan on getting a spray tan, now is the time to test it out. I actually did mine for my engagement shoot. I had never had one and I am naturally as white as paper. I loved my spray tan! (Again, my go to is Jessica May) I believe she uses a green based color so it doesn’t look orange. I was a little nervous to do the tan but had seen her make some of the other girls at the salon look great so I went for it. I asked for a light tan so I didn’t look overly tan, and it looked great! I felt super tan but my pictures came out lovely. My skin tone was more even and it made me look a bit thinner too! Here are few tips to make yours look its best. You want to be very moisturized before you go. My hands came out a bit darker in spots because they were a bit dry. Be sure to apply a good lotion every day before you go. The night before you want to exfoliate everything. You want to slough off any dead skin so that everything goes on evenly. Following that, again, moisturize. The morning of your tan appointment you will want to shower and soap up everything to get any residual lotions and oils off. Dry yourself off and do not apply any products to the skin, including deodorant. (I took the whole day off so that I didn’t feel gross)

Be sure to keep on track with your other care and maintenance. IF you are planning on whitening your teeth I would start now. I hope this has helped you on your bridal journey! If you would like more info on any of these subjects or you are looking for a hair and makeup artist for your big day, I would love to help you out! Here is a link to my bridal pagewhere you can message me and subscribe to my monthly newsletter for more tips and info! Happy planning!

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