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Why I love Brazilian Blowout

I grew up in the 90's with curly hair. If you remember those years, you will recall how the big trend was flat ironed straight hair. I was always envious of my friends who could achieve this look without looking like a puff ball. Had I been a product of any other generation that would have been an absolute blessing. It had always felt like a curse to me growing up. I remember when I was little my mom had told me I got my curly hair from her. I took that to mean (because she curled me with an iron about a month prior) that she physically made my hair curly on purpose. I was so angry! It was a while until I forgave her because I came to terms with genetics. Now, I like my hair for the most part. I am extremely great full that my mom wouldn't allow me to permanently straighten my hair when I was young even though I desperately wanted it done. This brings me to the topic at hand, Brazilian Blowout, and why I love it!

My before and after

I had my first Brazilian done before I went on a cruise to Mexico. It was the first time I ever experienced air drying my hair without it being a hot mess. It actually dried like the hair of all my friends who owned gorgeous straight hair! Now I know there are many benefits to curly hair that straight hair does not have. My hair holds a curl extremely well without hairspray and I have a ton of natural volume. However, as they say the grass is always greener on the other side. As a stylist there are so many reasons why I have a love for Brazilian Blowout. The first would be that it maintains the health and integrity of your hair. Many who have had damage from the product likely had the iron to high for the hair type, this is why it is extremely important for your stylist to know your hair history. Brazilian always makes my clients hair soft and shiny.

It is very customizable. Often times I have very annoying curly baby hairs around my hairline that I will touch up on their own. I also have several clients who will only do certain areas that are difficult to smooth out on their own. These include their fringe, hairline, or the nape of their neck. I myself often reserve the full service for when I am going on vacation or will be swimming frequently. I also like that the product is rinsed out of the hair the day of the service. As a stylist, it is inconvenient to have to take the extra step, but my clients appreciate that they go home clean and can wash the next day if they felt inclined to. Many other straightening systems require you to wait 48 hours to wash the hair after the service. I have always hated that personally. This isn't to say that Brazilian is a miracle for everyone. Each hair type reacts differently to the product. Many hair types need something stronger to get a very straight look. If you have a very tight curl pattern and you just want to get rid of frizz and loosen up the curl a little it will work great for you! I hope this has given you some insight into the world of Brazilian Blowout! Feel free to contact me for more info, I would love to be a part of your hair journey!

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